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Pattern 2, The Strawberry (You're Here!)
Pattern 2, The Strawberry (for "Atlantic City Chip" version):  
Pattern Execution Time: Approx. 1:46

The second (strawberry) level is also very easy to clear without a pattern. But, here's one that makes it easy to nail all four ghosts in each corner. I also like the pattern because it's fun! There appears to be a close call in the upper right quadrant. But not to worry; the ghosts part in the nick of time and let Mr. Pac slip right through.
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Step by Step:   

Step 1 - The timing loop in the upper right quadrant in Fig. 1 below lures the ghosts in a group you so you can eat the fruit (strawberry) and finish clearing out the bottom of the maze.

The Cherry Pattern, Fig. 1 Fig. 1

Step 2 - Don't panic as you clear out the dots around the upper right energizer. The ghosts miraculously part just enough to let you slip through on your way to the upper left quadrant. This is one of my favorite things about this pattern--it makes Mr. Pac look almost invincible.

The Cherry Pattern, Fig. 2 Fig. 2

Step 3 - This part of the pattern cleans up most of the dots in the upper left quadrant. Don't panic as you head to the top--Pinky is headed left and will miss you. The strawberry has reappeared and it's time to go get it.

The Cherry Pattern, Fig. 3 Fig. 3

Step 4 - You are going to be tempted to head down to get the nearby dots in the upper left "hiding place", but the timing of the pattern is better if you leave those for later. Go down the long left vertical passage and grab the two dots near Inky's home. Then grab yourself another tasty strawberry. Om-nom!

The Cherry Pattern, Fig. 4 Fig. 4

Step 5 - The ghosts will gather near the lower left energizer. Lay in wait just below the energizer until Blinky and Pinky are close. Easy pickin's on the others after that.

The Cherry Pattern, Fig. 4 Fig. 5

Step 6 - Do a little dot cleanup in the upper left "hiding place", then head to the lower right energizer. The ghosts will be lurned in for the next course of Mr. Pac's dinner. Approach the energizer from below and lay in wait there. Yum--fresh ghost.

The Cherry Pattern, Fig. 4 Fig. 6

Now head to the upper left energizer--you should have no trouble getting all four ghosts there. Not long after that, the ghosts will change direction as they go into scatter mode. That'll require you to do a little ghost herding to get them all near the upper right energizer to finish the pattern. If all went well on this and the previous (Cherry) pattern, you have an impressive 30,000 points--and that's all you can get.

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