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Pattern 1, The Cherry (You're Here!)
Pattern 1, The Cherry (for "Atlantic City Chip" version):  
Pattern Execution Time: Approx. 1:58

The first (cherry) level is so easy, many Pac Masters don't bother to run a pattern. Instead, they just wing it and have fun teasing the ghosts. But, here's a pattern that is so easy that, with some work, you can often wind up with all possible points (14,800).
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Step by Step:   

Step 1 - Your first goal is to clear out the dots at the bottom of the screen. That's the place where Mr. Pac often winds up getting nailed by a ghost because there are fewer places to escape.

The Cherry Pattern, Fig. 1 Fig. 1

The loop in the upper right quadrant in Fig. 1 above appears in many of my patterns. I call it a "timing loop". As I'm creating a pattern, a timing loop here or there is sometimes needed to get them grouped up for safe dot clearing.

Step 2 - The cherry has already appeared so go enjoy it ("Gulp!). After that, you clear out most of the lower part of the screen. Then head up to clear out the rest of the top (except for the power pills).

The Cherry Pattern, Fig. 2 Fig. 2

Your goal in most patterns is to clear as many of the dots as you can except for those around the power pills. This gives you the best opportunity to eat the ghosts.

Step 3 - We're nearing the end of the Cherry pattern and a lot of the "dot work" has been done. The cherry has appeared again so go get it along with the extra 100 points.

The Cherry Pattern, Fig. 3 Fig. 3

Step 4 - The path below will make it really easy to eat all four ghosts as they converge on you in the lower right corner.

The Cherry Pattern, Fig. 4 Fig. 4

The rest is up to you and your "ghost herding" skills. As you can see in the You Tube video , I head up to the upper left corner and grab all four ghosts there. Then a quick trip down to the lower left and finish up in the upper right.

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