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Pac-Man Restoration March 26, 2010

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With the tape acting as an aligning hinge at the top, lift up the overlay and peel away the backing.

Peel the backing.

Carefully lay the overlay down, beginning with the top middle. Use your fingers or a soft squeegee and work from the middle out.

Work from the top middle, down.

A final check for air bubbles and it's done. Looks great and all the holes align well.

Finish applying the graphic overlay.

The original carriage bolts are usually a bright finish, but I prefer them to match the graphic overlay as closely as possible. Two of the bolt heads were a little rusty but no problem; a little work with Scotch Brite and laquer thinner and they're ready for paint. After the black paint, they all got a coat of matte clear.

A coat of clear helps protect the carriage bolts.

The assembled control panel, front and rear views:

The control panel looks nice.

A quick installation of the control panel verified that everything was operational. I admit I played a few games. That leaf type joystick is oh-so-smooth!

The control panel works!

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