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Pac-Man Restoration March 26, 2010

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After you scrape off the overlay, you'll find there is a thick layer of goo and plastic material still adhered to the panel. You can use about a gallon of Goo GoneŽ or some other adhesive cleaner, but I find that paint stripper works way better. Be sure to place something on the floor to catch the drips that will not be attacked by the stripper. I laid down an old panel of Masonite.

Paint stripper is the way to go.

SAFETY NOTE: Follow all safety instructions on the can of stripper. Work in a well-ventilated environment and wear eye protection and chemical-resistant gloves.

Use a non-plastic bristled brush and lay down a heavy coat of stripper over the entire surface.

Follow all safety precautions as listed on the can.

After just a few minutes, the residue was very soft and came off easily with the automotive scraper. Use lacquer thinner or acetone afterwards to get it really clean. Scuff up the surface with green Scotch BriteŽ and apply a couple of coats of a good primer.

Scraping the glue and plastic residue.
The best paints to use for this are, once again, automotive products. Basecoat/clearcoat will make the finish beautiful and really durable. I highly recommend you make a really good friend who's in the body shop business. The clearcoat should be a matte finish for best appearance (gloss shows the finger & palm prints too easily).

For this project, I elected to go the cheap and easy route. I used a self-etching aerosol primer and a couple of coats of black lacquer. Then I applied a matte clear. I was pleased with the result:

The panel came out looking really nice.

Now it's time to apply the new self-adhesive graphic overlay. Before you peel off the backing, align it by putting the corner carriage bolts in place. Then put a long strip of masking tape at the top edge.

Tape keeps the overlay in alignment.

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