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Pac-Man Restoration March 26, 2010

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The monitor was already out for the previous photos on Page 2. Here's how that's done. The monitor in this machine was a Wells Gardner, but it had terrible screen burn-in and other issues like a red appearance and torn right side. That's just too much to deal with, so I chose to change it out with a better one that I had laying around.

SAFETY NOTE: Monitors that have been in service pose a dangerous shock hazard. The high voltage present at the flyback anode on the side of the CRT must be drained to ground. You can find video tutorials on You Tube that detail this procedure.

After the CRT is safely discharged, disconnect all the wires and remove the four corner bolts. Grip the monitor by the cross brackets (red circle below) and slide it out the back.

Out comes the bad monitor.

Here's a look at the CRT screen burn-in--a dreaded but inevitable issue on a Pac-Man because of the fixed text and maze locations. With all the other issues this one had, it was time to retire it.

Nasty screen burn-in.

Simply reverse the procedure to install the replacement monitor. This one was used, but had light burn-in and had just been re-capped (new capacitors installed).

Sliding in the replacement monitor.

A quick hook-up and test determined that all was well. The machine is still in the Ms. Pac-Man configuration, but the colors are bright and sharp. A BIG improvement. The tattered, rusty control panel needs attention and the game is nearly unplayable with that microswitch replacement joystick. Fortunately, I happen to have a number of original Happ leaf-switch joysticks. :)

Pac-Man (still as Ms. Pac) is alive and well.

Strip down the control panel all the way to the metal. I use a really good, sharp gasket scraper left over from my days as an auto mechanic. A few taps on the handle with the hammer helps loosen the really stuck places around the carriage bolts and buttons.

Removing the old graphic overlay from the striped-down control panel.
If you find the going too tough this way, you can use a heat gun to soften the overlay. It should then scape off relatively easily.

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