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Pac-Man Restoration March 26, 2010

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Now clean up the underside of the bezel. Do this with care; you need to get all the dirt and grease off it but you don't want to cause any additional harm to the screened-on graphics. I like to use an automotive product (thanks to my previous career as an auto mechanic). This "Tough Stuff®" brand cleaner works well, is really cheap, and the can has a lot in it:

This foaming cleaner does the trick without harming the graphics.
In addition to dirt, the paper towels will be rather horrifyingly brown with the tar residue of countless cigarettes.

After you finish with the cleaner, use a good window cleaner to remove all the remaining scum. This is important because we're about to touch up the missing pieces of the screened ink graphics:

Use a good window cleaner to finish the job.

Let's inspect the bezel graphics. This one is in terrific shape; just a few spots missing and, better yet, all those are in the black area:

This time I got lucky; only a few spots of the black gone.
If you have other colored portions of the graphics missing, you're in for some work. You'll need to make a stop at a craft store and pick up an assortment of small hobby acrylic paints. Also, get some high-quality tiny brushes. You'll have to do some mixing and matching to get the colors to match.

These acrylic paints are water-soluable, making cleanup a lot easier and they look really good. Apply the paint thickly and don't go over it too much:

These acrylic paints can be purchased at any craft store.

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