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Galaga Restoration March 29, 2010

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The fluorescent marquee bulb was missing, but when I replaced it with a "cool white" one per the Galaga service manual, it still didn't work. The ends glowed ominously and that means turn it off right away--the starter is bad. I popped in a new F2 (for the 15 watt bulb) and it worked fine.

A dead starter can burn the ends of a florescent tube.

The new speaker looks a little better doesn't it? Don't use just any 6"x9" speaker--it should be magnetically shielded so it doesn't interfere with the monitor CRT. This one also had the high-frequency secondary cone which is a little funny to me-- no matter what, you're not going to get high-fidelity out of the rather crude audio circuits in these games.

In time, all things crumble.

In goes the shiny new speaker. Before I put it in, I did a little more "house cleaning" inside the cabinet. More tar-soiled rags go into the trash, but Galaga is starting to smell new again! The spade terminals fit TIGHT--I had to use pliers to force them down.

I also installed a new grill and carriage bolts (you can buy them together) because the old had been smashed. It needed a coat of flat black paint first.

The new magnetically-shielded speaker is installed.

The fluorescent fixture has been reinstalled.

Pop in a new cool white fluorescent bulb and that's done.

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