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Galaga Restoration March 29, 2010

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As far as aesthetics, I never liked the bright metal carriage bolt heads. They really stick out against the colors on the control panel overlay. The original bolts were also dull and rusty. I decided to paint the heads to match the graphics on the overlay.

I happened to have a can of Krylon "Baja Blue" from their "Kalifornia Kolors™" line of spray paint that was a pretty good match for the overlay. I chose to use just one other color--green. In the set of craft acrylic paints I had purchased, there was a nearly identical green color. That one was going to require a little artist's brush work, but it was really easy.

Color-matching the carriage bolt heads.

I cleaned the heads of the carriage bolts by running them against a pad of Scotch-Brite, then inserted them in holes I poked into in a piece of cardboard. Two coats each, let them dry, and they were ready for a protective coat of matte finish clear aerosol lacquer. Time on task--about 10 minutes for a really nice result.

As the carriage bolts dried, I completed the control panel assembly. The only new piece was the red "Fire" button. A few adjustments to the contacts, and it was done.

Final control panel assembly.

Here's a comparison of the old and new control panels. Total cost, $45.00.

I thought the new panel looked great.

I installed it to be sure everything worked right. The only funny glitch--I had accidentally rotated the joystick 180°, making right into left and vice-versa. Oops. Easy fix in turning it around. The camera flash washed out the blue color of the overlay moreso than the bolt heads, but you can see that the carriage bolts kind of disappear when painted. See if you can find all 10.

Restoring the joystick.

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