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Galaga Restoration March 29, 2010

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The new stuff is starting to arrive! Below is 20' of black leather-texture T-molding, Nylon floor-protecting leg leveler feet, a 6x9 magnetically-shielded video game speaker, a red "fire" button, and a new speaker grille w/carriage bolts.

The new parts are here!

I also received a new control panel and graphic overlay. Here's the deal--you can use a heated scraper to remove the old overlay. Then you'll need a few hours of hard work with lacquer thinner to get off all the goo. Then you have plenty of sanding work. Then primer. Then paint.

This new one comes powder coated and ready to go. They cut the price on the panel for me to $15.00 because it was manufactured with square holes in the wrong place for the original joystick.

No big deal--just apply some masking tape, temporarily position the new graphic overlay, and mark the correct hole locations. Next, drill out the new holes (assuming you don't own a 1/4" square hole broach). I used a 3/16" bit then filed the round holes into square ones with a jeweler's file. The carriage bolts fit perfectly.

Removing an old control panel overlay sux. It's a LOT easier to start with a new panel.
In the photo above, the red arrows point to the new holes that I drilled and filed. It took about 20 minutes but it was a lot less work than using the original panel. The only other issue with this replacement panel is that it's missing the (unnecessary) middle latch.

After carefully aligning, applying, and squeegeeing down the new graphic overlay, there's a problem getting the adhesive to stick to the sharp 90° turn the panel makes at the base. Here I go again with one of my favorite automotive products-- 3M Plastic & Emblem Adhesive, p/n 8061. This glue ROCKS! It's clear, dries fast, and that will keep the overlay in place forever.

Gluing down the tight corner at the base of the panel.

The glue will set in about 20 minutes, but it must be clamped down to make sure the overlay is in place.

Clamps on a board keep that overlay in place as the glue sets.

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