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Donkey Kong Restoration April 17, 2011

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Install the new front decal. Use masking tape to align it correctly.

Applying the front decal.

It took a lot of time to restore the coin door. The first step was to completely strip it down.

Removing the coin mechanisms and play counter.

John did quite a bit of hammer & dolly work just to get it to where it would open and close properly.

Un-vandalizing the coin door took some time.

Easily the messiest job in this resoration is using stripper to remove all paint from the coin door. But the result is well worth the effort. Be sure to follow all the safety warnings on the can--this stuff is lethal to all body parts. Wear the appropriate eye protection, gloves, and work only in a well-ventilated area.

The newly paint-stripped coin door.

Now we filled all the nicks and low spots with body filler. After sanding work, a coat of primer will have it ready for final matte black paint. I used aerosol paints so that future touchups will be easy.

Once sanded, body filler leaves the surfaces straight and smooth.

Here's a look at the painted coin door, ready for installation.

The coin door is ready to install.

With the reassembly and installation of the coin door, it's time to admire the work! Next up: Restoring the control panel.

Donkey Kong is almost done!

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