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Donkey Kong Restoration April 17, 2011

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After notching the T-molding, lay some glue in the groove on the cabinet edges. Many technicians use hot-glue for this but I prefer clear 3M Plastic & Emblem Adhesive, p/n 08061. Hot glue sets quickly and doesn't give you a lot of extra time. The Plastic & Emblem Adhesive gets tacky very quickly and dries completely in about 3-5 minutes. Because it stays pliable and is crystal clear, you don't have to worry much about drips or slight oozing.

Apply a small amount of glue to the T-molding groove.

Use a soft-face hammer to tap the T-molding in place. Make sure you have it all the way down on both sides. Trim the excess length squarely and you're done!

Tapping the T-molding in place.

Now it's time to apply the side art decals. As far as decal location, it's very hard to find a picture of a Donkey Kong that's truly original. The side art was notorious for peeling off those gel-coated cabinets. When I found a photo of one, there usually wasn't a decal on it at all or it had been replaced by someone with unknown authenticity.

I was able to find some photos of original Donkey Kongs, but even then I noticed differences in decal location. Most seemed to have the middle of the green "Donkey Kong" logo at the top aligned with the bottom marquee bracket. As for lateral placement, I gave it the "eyeball test", moving it left and right until there were pleasingly equal amounts of blue cabinet showing on both sides.

Don't try to apply the decal dry! Before peeling away the backing, apply a very small amount of window cleaner (like Windex®). This will allow you to work out the bubbles. You can even reposition it if necessary--at least for a few minutes. Use a row of masking tape along the top of the decal to hold it in place. Reposition it until you have it exactly where you want it.

Applying the new side art decal.

Now press the decal in place using a soft squeegee. Work from the middle out. Do your best to work all air bubbles to the edges.

Squeegee the decal in place.

After the decal has adhered, slowly peel away the top protective covering.

Revealing the decal.

Work any remaing air bubbles to the edges.

Getting rid of those any remaining air bubbles.

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