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Donkey Kong Restoration April 17, 2011

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The instruction sheet, complete with a couple of cute grammatical errors, needs help. It's a piece of paper that was printed and taped to the back of the control panel overlay. It must have gotten wet at some point because it's pretty badly wrinkled and a bit faded from time and exposure to light. No problem; I'll put it on a scanner and remake the graphics in a vector-graphics program.

'Extra Jumpman when you gain a certain points'

The rest of the control panel overlay is in really good shape other than a few scratches, a cigarette burn, and some missing carriage bolts. However, there is one small crack in it--I'll have to make a decision if that's bad enough to warrant buying a new overlay.

The white T-molding that's used on Donkey Kong doesn't fade like the colored moldings, but over time it can get a little yellow. Even though this molding looks pretty clean and there's just one gash (photo below), I'm going to replace it all. It's cheap ($10-16 for enough to do the entire machine) and it adds that "new" look to the finished project.

This machine will get new 9/16 inch wide T-molding.

The power cord jacket is cracked (photo below) and someone also snipped the ground prong off the plug. Ack! It's well worth the five bucks or so to get a new cord.

A new power cord is on the way.

Here's a closer look at the worst damage to the cabinet. The best way to fix this sort of thing is to fill it with auto body filler, then grind it flat.

The corners of these machines often bear the scars of mishandling.
My shop is very close to an automotive paint store. The guy was nice enough to bring his color scanner to my place in order to get a really close paint match. He chose a spot to scan that had been covered until recently by the side art decal. He cleaned the area with a polishing compound first, then scanned it. For just $23, I now have enough paint to do the entire machine. It should look great and will be really durable.

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